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Carmanah M 850


The M850 combines a compact, high-efficiency solar engine with premium components and a rugged design.

Intuitive Setup & Programming

Top-mounted 4-character LED display and simple “tap to activate” functionality allows users to easily check light settings without the need for an external controller. Built-in calendar function allows for automatic de-activation during off-season months.

Scalable, Cost Effective Design

Customizable for best value-for-performance at each installation location. Choose from standard or wide divergences (for fixed or floating applications), and multiple battery pack options.

Energy Management System (EMS) for maximum battery life and light performance in even the harshest of  environments.

Durable, Low Maintenance

Integrated solar panels, battery, electronics, and LED light source are combined in a compact, stand-alone, maintenance free unit. Easily replaceable battery extends service life well beyond five years.


A high efficiency, cost-optimized lantern suitable for use in most solar locations.

• up to 387 cd (iala peak)

• 3-6 nm range in all colours

• options for standard or wide Vertical divergence

• up to 7.5 nm range at t=0.74 (8º fwhm)

• up to 10.3 nm range at t=0.85 (8º fwhm)

• gps synchronized flash option


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