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Analog Motor Checker

● Insulation Resistance Measurement (IR)
● Identify open and short circuits /
loose connections in a winding coil
● Identify inter turn shorts.
● Detect rotor bar problems without
dismounting the rotor
● Inductance of the winding with respect to
different positions for rotor for detecting blow
holes or cracks in the rotor bars.
● Simple operation, accurate & quick
assessment of motor condition.

Technical Specifications
Insulation Resistance: ± 5% 0-20 Meg ohms at 500 VDC, max. current 0.25mA
Resistance: ± 2% 0-200 ohms in 6 ranges(0.2Ω ,0.6Ω , 2Ω, 6Ω, 20Ω & 200Ω) F.S.D.
Inductance: ± 2% 0-1000mH in 6 ranges (3mH, 10mH, 30mH, 100mH 300mH & 1000mH F.S.D.)
Operating Temp. range 0 - 55oC
Size 210x125x65
Weight 1000gms (Approx.)
Power 1.5V x 6AA size cells


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