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Comnav - Vector G1


  • Small compact all-in-one maintenance free unit
  • Fully compatible with NMEA 2000 or 0183 equipment: Autopilots, Radar, AIS, Plotters, etc.
  • Accurate 2D heading and positioning data
  • Better than 0.60 degree Heading accuracy
  • 90º Rate of Turn tracking (ROT)
  • Provides Heave, Pitch and Roll information
  • DGPS provides sub-meter positioning accuracy
  • Differential Correction source SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS) and RTCM SC-104 data (External Source)
  • COASTTM technology maintains differentially-corrected position for 40 minutes or more with loss of differential signal
  • Integrated Gyro & Tilt sensors provide fast start up times and Heading updates during temporary loss of GPS
  • 20 Hz position and Heading update rates (10Hz standard)
  • Multiple BAUD rate selections
  • CE certified for EMI and RFI immunity
  • Pre-programmed default settings for Heading, Rate of Turn,Course over Ground, Lat/Long Geographic position, Time & Date
  • Optional color display

Technical Specifications:

  • Receiver Type: L1, C/A code, with carrier phase smoothing
  • Channels: Two 12-channel parallel tracking (Two 10 channel when tracking SBAS)
  • SBAS Tracking: 2- channel parallel tracking
  • Update Rate: Standard 10Hz, optional 20 Hz
  • (position and heading)
  • Horizontal Accuracy: < 1.0m (DGPS)*
  •                                     < 4.0m (autonomous, no SBAS)**
  • Heading Accuracy: ≈ 0.6º
  • Pitch / Roll Accuracy: ≈ 1.4º
  • Heave Accuracy: < 30cm
  • Rate of Turn: 90º / sec max
  • Start-up Time: < 60 sec typical
  • Heading Fix: < 10 sec
  • Satellite Reacquisition: < 1 sec

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